Early Summer 2017

Words and Photos by Russ Rocknak

Apex Driving Experience


We catch up with Daniel Bloom, founder of Apex Driving Experience to learn first hand about his team, cars and programs all put together to enhance your driving skills. A driving school? More of an experience as this is not your typical day at the track. 


Paul Wuori and McLaren Racing: A little known fact is that Tyler Alexander, a native of Hingham, Massachusetts­ was one of the original founders of McLaren Racing and the “other two guys” were fellow American Teddy Mayer and of course New Zealander Bruce McLaren. Enter Paul Wuori who also grew up in Hingham with Tyler Alexander. Their continued friendship lead to a life-long relationship that yielded an association as an original member of the now fabled McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team. His stories are rich in history as is his 2012 McLaren Formula 1 MP4 12C.

Early Inspiration

A visit to Jamie Dowling’s garage in mid-coast Maine will bring you back to the age when we were all smaller in scale but our ride still reflected who we were. Jamie has quite a collection of pedal cars and he shares with us his passion for the little tin whip.

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