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Mesh New England is a bi-monthly, high quality publication that ignites the passion shared by automobile enthusiasts throughout the Northeast. From Ferrari to Delahaye and Chevrolet to Duesenberg, we celebrate the cars and the enthusiasm of the people who collect them. Each issue features the events, races, drives and destinations that will enhance your motoring experience. Exclusive to Mesh New England, we profile some of the region’s most prolific car collectors; racing enthusiasts; restoration, service and supply experts; and the people who stand alone creating rolling automotive art in their own garage.Mesh New England. Together we drive New England’s car culture.


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Let There Be Light

After rising from a three-decade slumber in an Illinois garage, a 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 is now making appearances on the car-show circuit in the Northeast.

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Slot Car Nirvana

David Beattie makes slot-car tracks—but not the kind you found under the tree when you were a kid. Want Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for your basement? How about Le Mans or a slice of Monaco or the track of your dreams in your garage? Beattie, founder and owner of Slot Mods, is your man.

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Hot Rodding In New England

America’s enduring obsession with old cars has an evil twin. It’s called hot rodding. And it has special roots here.


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Antique Cars & Bikes at Bentley’s
Thursdays | Bentley’s Saloon | Arundel, ME.

Land Speed Records
July 10 - 14 | Old Loring Air Force Base | Limestone, ME

Microcar Classic Event
July 14 | Larz Anderson Auto Museum | Brookline, MA

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